Kelso Mules - Murray, Kentucky

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Bay John Mule
15HH-  9Yrs.
Will has good ground manners. He is a good trail mule and will go anywhere you point him. Will would be good for any level of rider.  


 Red Dunn Molly Mule
6 Yrs. - 15 HH
Sadie is a good broke quarter mule that rides around nice and has been trail ridden a lot. She is ready for ranch work or any directions. Has lots of potential.   


Bay John Mule
14.1 HH - 9 Yrs. Old
Hooper is build like a tank. The guy we got him from squirrel hunted on him and shot a gun off of him. We have just trail ridden him. He is a nice mule. 


 Bay and White Molly Mule
 - 10 Yrs. Old
Ruby has good ground manners. She is a super nice trail mule. She will go anywhere you point her and steps out nice.


Black and White Molly Mule
14.2 HH - 4 Yrs. Old
Sparky is a fancy young mule that is well started. She does everything she is suppose to. Sparky has been trail rode for a year. Needs a little more riding to be a top mule.


 Sorrell Molly Mule
14.2 HH - 17 Yrs. Old
Betty is a very nice gentle mule. She is good for any level rider. Betty has been trail ridden all her life. She is a nice mule.  


Sorrell Molly Mule
14.3HH - 8 Yrs. Old
Molly is a good gentle trail mule that does all the basic stuff.  She is gentle to be around. You can catch her anywhere. Molly has been trail ridden a lot.   


Sorrell John Mule
15.2 HH - 11 Yrs. Old
Petey works the best and he rides the best. He came off of an amish farm. Petey is gentle as he can be. Anyone can get along with him.


"Bill and Bob"
5 yrs. old - 16.2  HH
 Sorrell John Mules
Bill and Bob are half brothers. They are broke to pull a wagon and have been used to log with.
$12,500 for team


"Bill and Bob"
Bill and Bob are drafty, big bone mules. 
$12,500 for team 


“Rick and Rowdy"
Blonde Bay John Mules
15.2HH - 12 years old
Rick and Rowdy are a wagon team that you can trail ride with or do parades. 
$6,500 for team


"Rick and Rowdy"
Rick and Rowdy are gentle, easy to catch and hook to the wagon. 
$6,500 for team.