Kelso Mules - Murray, Kentucky

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Black Molly Mule
15.3HH- 7Yrs.
Domino is a big stout trail mule that will ride alone or in a group. She will meet you at the gate and good with her feet and ears.
She could carry a big man and a big saddle all day.


Buckskin Molly Mule
12 Yrs. - 16HH
June is a very gentle laid back riding mule that has been trail ridden alot. She does not get in a hurry and would be good for a timid rider. She is good with her feet , ears, no bad habits.  


Black Molly Mule
13 Yrs - 15.2HH
Sue has been on a Amish farm for 10 years. She will work single and double for anyone. She is easy to be around and very laid back. Sue tacks up and rides off with ease. She does not spook on trials and does not get in a big hurry. Quiet for anyone.


Black Molly Mule
8 Yrs - 15HH
Rose is a all around mule that works double and to a buggy in the harness. She has been trail ridden in eastern Tennessee for the last 5 years. She is good with her feet, ears, etc. A real Keen top Mule.


Black John Mule
16 Yrs. - 14.2HH
Our 11 year old grandson has rode Tom for the past 2 years. It has been his personal mule. He is as close to bomb proof as they come. Tom is easy to catch, load, clip, and shoe. If there is anyone out there that can't ride Tom, they probably can't ride at all.


Dunn John Mule
10 Yrs - 15.3 HH
Hawk has a good neck rein handle. Has been out west on hunting trips 4-5 times. He will meet you at the gate and good with his feet and ears. Hawk is a very stout built quarter mule.


Red Sorrel John Mule
Aged - 15HH
Rusty is a very gentle, broke mule. Kids have been riding him. He would be suitable for any family member. No vises! Rusty is good with his feet and ears. Also works single. A very broke mule!


Sorrell John Mule
15.2 HH - 18 or 19 yrs.
Tut has spent his life on an amish farm being worked and ridden with amish kids all over and around him. He is very gentle and is happy going everywhere you want to go. He doesn't get in a hurry. Nice to be around.


"Jerry and Jason"
14 yrs. old - 15.2  HH
Sorrell John Mules
Jerry and Jason are absolutely broke to death. They are not afraid of anything on the road or in the field. They gait together and have been together all their life.


"Jerry and Jason"
Jerry and Jason would be a good beginner team for someone to work their fields, drive in parades, hayrides, or wagonrides. Nice team.


"Kate and Ellen"
Sorrell Molly Mules
15.3 HH - 13 years old
Kate and Ellen are gentle and broke to all farm machinery. They came off an Amish farm. They have been driven with iron wheels and loud noises behind them.


"Kate and Ellen"
Kate and Ellen are traffic safe, have been used in wagon trains and hayrides. They would be good for a beginner team. A real nice team of mules.