Kelso Mules - Murray, Kentucky

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Mules For Sale


Sorrel and White John Mule
15HH- 7 Yrs.
Fred is easy to catch, clip, and load. He would be good for any level of rider. One of those been there and done that mules with lots of color. Lots of color. 


"Ratchet "
 Buckskin  John Mule
10 Yrs. - 14.3 HH
Ratchet is a nice trail riding Mule with lots of experience. He is easy to be around and gentle about everything. We have videos. 


Chestnut Molly Mule
4 Yrs - 15 HH
Ruby is a nice young mule that anyone could get along with. She will go anywhere and has good ground manners. She is the kind everyone is looking for. The price will go up with more riding. Ruby is good about everything.


Bay John Mule
9 Yrs - 14HH
Cowboy is a trail Mule deluxe. He has been around cattle. You can one hand ride him. Cowboy is broke for just about any level of rider. He is a quarter type and is gentle about everything. 


Bay Dunn John Mule
11 Yrs. - 14.2 HH
Tater is is a good gentle trail Mule that will go anywhere you point him. He is good with his feet and ears. He is a good stout Mule. Videos available. 


Sorrell Molly Mule
10 Yrs - 14.1 HH
Sparky came from an 80 year old man that had retired from riding. She has good ground manners. Will go anywhere and has a good traveling gait down the trail. Any level rider can get along with Sparky.   


Red Roan Molly Mule
4 Yrs. - 15.3HH
Josie is the first mule to the gate to be caught. She loves attention and is very quiet and willing. Josie is being trail ridden and gets better each time she goes out. Josie will make someone a nice personal mule and the price will go up with more ridding. 


Palomino John Mule
15HH - 7 yrs.
Cody is a Top All Around Mule. He works single in the shalves and double. He has been trail ridden several miles. Cody has a nice short lope and will meet you at the gate. He is good with his feet, ears, and everything else. He is good for most any level rider.


"Bonnie and Clyde"
5 and 6 yrs. old - 15.1  HH
Blonde Sorrell Molly and John Mules
Bonnie and Clyde came in off the farm they were raised on. They will hitch up and drive meeting traffic and whatever is in the road. Has been driven on lots of wagon rides and parades.
$6,500 for team


"Bonnie and Clyde"
Bonnie and Clyde will meet you at the gate and love your attention. They have no issues with there ears or feet or anything else. They are just the right age to make someone a good team for a long time. 
$6,500 for team 


“Ted and Alice"
Black John and Molly Mules
15.1 & 15.2HH - 8 years old
Ted and Alice are a very gentle team. They are good with their feet and ears. You can catch them in the pasture. 


"Ted and Alice"
Ted and Alice are light draft and have been started under saddle. They are traffic safe and also anyone can drive them. A real nice team of mules.